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The Difference Between An MC And A Rapper

By Yakira Levi Hip-Hop is music and artistic expression built upon the elements of a DJ, the MC, B-Boys, and Graffiti Art. DJ Kool Herc created hip-hop music in 1973, and his presence contributes to the Jamaican-African-American undertones of hip-hop culture. He is a master of the ceremonies. He controlled the crowd with his music, and the people responded positively. Rap is slang for the word talk. It's a rhythmic, poetic, story-telling style of chanting lyrics over bass-laced, drum-heavy beats. Anyone can write a rap, but not everyone who recites a rap is a Master of Ceremonies, and technically, all Masters of Ceremonies aren’t hip-hop MCs.
The title, Rapper- was given by music industry professionals, to an artist who performs in the style of rap. The lyrical content of a rap varies depending on the rapper’s intellect, knowledge of self, or what a record company dictates as marketable material. Record companies invest money on projects as a way to make a profit, not as a gesture o…

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