Mission, Vision, Values

C.O.R.E. Mission:
Unity! Working together to obtain success in the music industry, educating artist, promoting creative endeavors, and preserving the true essence of hip-hop culture.

C.O.R.E.  Vision:
To serve as a co-operative community of conscious hip-hop artists, who educate, support and empower each other to succeed.

C.O.R.E. Values:
Respect for Self and the Most-High Creator
Artistically Create with Responsibility
Honesty, Integrity, and Sincerity
Goodwill and Giving Back (CORE Music Foundation)
Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun
Acknowledge the Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace
Preserve the Pillars of Hip-Hop: DJ, MC, B-boy and Graffiti Art
Pursuit of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding

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